Rick Philippi

I’m pleased to know that many thousands of you have already followed my moose hunt on Bowhunting.net. To say the hunt was awesome is an understatement! I booked my hunt last year with Ryk Visscher out of Alberta, Canada. His moose hunts proved to be absolutely phenomenal.

Our moose camp had 8 archery moose hunters and 6 killed a moose. Ryk Visscher has the hunter covered from lodging and meals to having the best moose hunting guides in Alberta. All of his guides are bowhunters! And more importantly is the fact he has a high density of moose and many thousands of acres to hunt. Anyone who wants a chance to hunt moose with archery gear, I recommend Ryk Visscher 100%. Thank you Ryk!

Contact Ryk Visscher at 1166-68 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6K 3K4
EmailRyk@Ryk.ca  Phone780-445-0327

Since 2001 Bowtech Archery’s bows have been my bow of choice. On this Alberta moose hunt I used the BowTech Realm. This bow is well balanced and very forgiving. My Realm was set on 60 lbs because my number one priority was accuracy. I practiced every day for 3 months, concentrating on the distances of 40 thru 50 yards and I decided to set my Realm at 60 lbs. instead of 70 because I shot more accurately at 60.

The Realm features the BowTech Smart Bow technology and I used the Performance setting because it delivers unmatched accuracy, control and stability! The video below shows you about the BowTech Realm and the unique Smart Bow technology.

I’ve shot bows for 49 years and I can honesty say the BowTech Realm is as good as anything I have ever used.

BowTech’s Realm delivered for me with accuracy on my moose hunt!! Thank you Bowtech!

For several years I’ve been on the pro-staff for Grim Reaper Broadheads. Two months prior to my hunt I called Matt Bateman who is the General Sales manager for Grim Reaper Broadheads. I asked Matt which expandable he recommended for my moose hunt. He said to use the Pro Series Mechanical Broadhead! He felt the 100 grain (1 3/8”) would be the ticket.

I Took Matt’s recommended of the PRO 3-BLADE (1-3/8″). This particular broadhead has a total cut diameter of 2.06 inches. The 40-degree swept blades and new PRO SERIES TIP give better than ever arrow flight, accuracy and penetration.

Matt said that the penetration would be fantastic on such a big game animal. I must tell you, the Pro-series broadhead he recommended delivered!! The moose I took went 25 yards and dropped like half a ton of bricks. Grim Reaper’s motto is Watch’em Drop!!! That is exactly what I did.

From the moment of the shot, the large moose was down in seconds. Thank you Matt, and Grim Reaper Broadheads!!

Prior to the moose hunt I was looking at various types of clothing to take on my hunt. I wanted some clothing that was versatile. I knew the weather could be from the 20’s up into the 60’s. I just wanted gear that could handle whatever mother nature threw at me. I was at the Texas Trophy Hunter show in Fort Worth, Texas in August. While roaming the zillions of isles looking at all types of hunting gear, I ran across the Skre Extreme Mountain Gear booth.

I tried on their hunting clothing and it felt good in the fact that it was not bulky and in cumbersome. Their garments fit like a glove and were light! I also like the fact that their gear would not get in the way of my bow string. After spending an hour at their booth, I bought summer and winter gear and also their rain gear.

Rick Philippi in Skre camouflage with his 2018 Moose

On the moose hunt, Skre delivered! During my hunt, it was warm, cold, rainy, and it also snowed. Skre kept me comfortable in all the different conditions. More importantly, while at the moment of truth, the big bull looked right through me as if I was invisible!! Also, at full draw and upon the release of the arrow the Skre Jacket I had on did not get in the way of the bow string enabling to make a perfect shot. Thank you so much Skre!!

I also want to tip my hat to Elevation Bow Cases. I used the Altitude 46 TCS. This case absolutely fit the bill. It held and protected my bow and all of my hunting gear and clothing. The sturdy exterior shell is equipped for travel with locking zippers, multiple handles, strategic skid plates and smooth-rolling wheels for heavy loads. Nested within, the ultimate full-size travel bow case accommodated my compound bow and accessories. This case is a beast!

Being an archer hunter for 49 years I do have a pretty good feel for things that work and things that don’t. All the folks and gear I recommended above are the real deal. I can and WILL recommend all of them 100%.
Oh, did I mention that I am booked and going back next year to hunt moose with Ryk Visscher.

Safe hunting,
Rick Philippi