BowTech Pro Staff Member Rick Philippi

Rick Philippi

BowTech announces that Rick Philippi of Bowhunting.Net continues to be a BowTech Pro-Staffer in the great state of Texas. Rick has been associated with Bowtech since 2003.

Rick states,” I am very proud to be associated with Bowtech not only because of their incredible products, but also because of their unbelievable customer service. You can always call Bowtech and get an upbeat specialist who is willing to help!”

“Bowtech bows are made by folks who understand the archery industry inside an out,” continues Rick. “Most of the people working in the factory are target shooters and bowhunters, and this is a huge advantage that enables Bowtech to deliver what target shooters and bowhunters want in a bow.”

Rick Philippi has been involved in Bowhunting and Archery for the past 50 years and has shot many different bows. Rick says, “hands down that the bows made by Bowtech are in a league of their own.” Going into detail he states, they draw easy and are very forgiving.

Bowtech Also Features

As you can see, Bowtech offers a diversity of bows to fit the individual bowhunter and archer’s style and needs. Please jump out to

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