freddie troncoso
Freddie Troncoso, archery expert

I maintain a tight group, but it tends to wander around. What can I do?
I shoot a new single cam bow. It shoots tight patterns every time I shoot, except the next time I shoot it, the pattern is to the right, to the left, or a little high. I maintain a tight grouping, but it tends to wander around each time a go out to shoot. What do you think I could be doing wrong?


From having heard about similar problems over the past, I can say that the most probable cause and problem area lies in your bow hand with regards to how you are influencing and gripping the bow handle.

Many times, we archers have the tendency to torque and heel the bow handle without having any knowledge or awareness of doing this at all. That is why it is of utmost importance to place the bow hand into the bow making sure that the pressure exerted on the handle is exactly alike and constant each and every time.

When placing the bow hand into the handle or grip section of the bow, it is of utmost importance that we do not exert any pressure on the palm portion of our bow hand. Let the bow rest on the meaty part of the hand at the base of the thumb. We must also keep in mind to maintain the bow hand relaxed with the wrist locked throughout the shot. At full draw, the selected hand placement and choice of bow grip should allow the bow arm to be in direct line behind the bow handle. We should always avoid moving the bow hand toward the inside of the bow handle to such an extent that the string excessively makes contact with the armguard upon release. I have always advocated that archers should learn to hold the bow so that we do not strike the armguard at all.

Any deviation with regards to the area where the hand pressures and makes contact with the bow handle will seriously affect the impact point and grouping of our arrows. The higher the contact point on the bow handle, the lower our arrows will impact and vice versa.

As is true of all archery, consistency and exacting repetition of each and every step are the key to all archery success and record scores. Oh yes, don’t forget to use a bowsling to avoid the tendency of grabbing the bow upon release. 

Freddie Troncoso