The problem most us have with putting in food plots is that we don’t have the equipment that is essential to do an adequate job. On sizable parcels of land a farm tractor with large implements is typically a necessity.  And those folks with access to such equipment are the people we are envious of, they can plow up half the county in a matter of hours.  The problem is most of us just don’t have the land access and/or the money to have such equipment. 

But that changed for me when crossed paths with a product that is out of this world for putting in food plots. It is called The Ground Hog Max by Tuffline. Now an average guy with an ATV and a limited budget can put in his own food plot without spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment.

The Groundhog Max in action. This is a tough plow and a it is a one man operation which puts it in a league of its own.

Anywhere your ATV can go, you can plow with the Ground Hog Max.  Another cool thing is that this plow is a ONE MAN OPERATION. The Ground Hog Max weighs approximately 43 pounds so it easy to install on your ATV.   You can plow at 5-8 mph according to how your food plot is laid out.  Also in very tight spots you can use reverse with no problem.  

The plow works off of the down pressure of the weight of the ATV and the rider. So, with these weights combined, you are looking at approximately 900lbs of  down pressure.  You are riding on the plow like a 5th wheeler. The Ground Hog Max will slice and dice the terrain like a knife cutting through butter. 

Rick Philippi on his ATV plowing with the The Ground Hog Max.

What excites me is the fact that I now can get back to those remote areas so I can put in secret plots.  How cool is that?  For years I have sat in my stand and thought about those isolated areas where a food plot would be an awesome attractant.  The only problem was the areas I had in mind would not accommodate big farm equipment.  With the Groundhog, this is no longer a problem.  

     The Groundhog Max ATV Plow by Tufline is available at your local Tractor Supply Store and retails for around $350.  Please jump out to their website,  and watch the video of this little monster in action. The video tells the story, it will blow you away.

Be sure and follow Colby and I in Management Advantage. We are on a quest to continue to grow big free ranging bucks. The area we hunt is known for some superior deer, but we have taken it to the next level through good land and game management.  We’ll be sharing our information so you can do the same thing and grow big bucks on your land. 

Today’s Suggestions: Begin by putting the absolute best food source on your property.  This can be accomplished by protein feeding or establishing productive food plots.   And second, let the deer reach maturity.  So many bucks are shot at 2.5 to 3.5 yrs of age and never become mature.  It takes discipline but let these deer walk and grow up and you will be rewarded with the mature trophy bucks.

Safe hunting,