Here are two bucks one hour after Rick set up the Hodag Licking Stick. The limb Rick used for the licking stick is on the left! Notice that the limb is mounted in the Hodag Licking Stick.

When I run across inventions that I think will benefit the BHN readers, I like to share them.  Well, with that being said I crossed paths with a very cool product that can benefit the BHN deer hunters.  It is the Hodag Licking stick.

I purchased 3 licking sticks and immediately placed them at strategic locations on my ranch In North Texas.  Choosing the correct location is the key!

The Hodag Licking Stick can be placed on food plots, woods roads, field edges and heavily traveled deer trails.  If you are using this licking stick as a hunting tool, make sure you place at a good shot location. The first thing you have to decide is, are you going to use it as a hunting tool or a scouting tool?  With that in mind, this tool will work well in both scenarios.

LEFT: The Hogad Licking Stick unit is in place. CENTER: A branch is mounted in the Hodag Licking Stick. RIGHT: Applying the AllSeason Scent to the leaves and branches.

After you determine a proper location, level out an area a couple inches deep.  (there is a demonstration video on the website) Make sure to level out the flexplate and trade.  Make sure it is level and flat, this will make the licking branch stay level and be at optimal performance.  Drive the two stakes and cover up the flexplate with dirt.

Now you need to choose the proper branch or sapling.  You want a branch that is approximately ¾ of an inch or less in width.  I tried three branches until I had one that fit properly.  

Then insert the branch into the top of the spring. Use the 3 thumbscrews to tighten the branch into the base.  Bigger is not better when it come to a licking stick.

Once you have the licking stick established use the included dripper to apply the AllSeason Scent to the leaves and branches.  Be sure to cover all areas of the branch-sapling. Apply the scent lure liberally.   After a week or so the leaves will dry out and fall off, don’t worry that is ok.

As I alluded earlier, I picked out three locations to put my licking sticks.  I placed one in a shooting location and the other two as an attractant to take game camera pictures.  The one at my shooting location was phenomenal. One hour after I put it out I had the bucks below come up to it. Absolutely incredible!

A young buck walks behind the Hodag Lincking Stick while a mature buck looks it over.

Does this product work?  Absolutely 100%! To learn more about the Licking stick, please jump out to