By: Brian Kightlinger

Do you have a “Man Cave” or a little area in the house where you showcase your trophies? Over the past few years, I have gotten a little carried away with getting some of my trophies mounted. Of course that is my wife talking and not me! I love showcasing the trophies that bring back the memories of my exciting hunts. There is a slight problem though, shrinking wall space.

My basement is my “Man Cave” and I am taking little steps to make it my own. At this point in time, I have the entire 1,800 square foot area drywalled. I have a 20 yard archery range where I can shoot all year, and the walls are filled with mounts. Currently there are 2 exotic mounts, two full turkey mounts, and 18 whitetail deer shoulder mounts. There is still plenty of wall space and good thing because I have a few more mounts coming back to me this spring. Adding to my collection there will be a Blackbuck, an Axis Deer, a Chocolate Fallow deer, and 4 new whitetail mounts. Lucky for me I found a great product to help create more space and bring my trophies to life.

The Full Range Hanging System is a company that specializes in allowing you to put more trophies on the wall. Located in High Point, North Carolina, this company has 4 hanging systems: The Single System, The Corner System, The HD System, and The Double System. Each system will allow you to safely secure your mount to the wall and rotate the mount up to 180 degrees. Installation is simple and takes just a few minutes to install. All I needed was a stud finder, level, and a power drill. Full Range Hanging System gives me the option to open up some wall space so I can hang more trophies in places I want. Instead of having one deer on every other stud, I can now hang two deer on one stud with the Double System.

The 3 other remaining systems will each hold one deer. The only difference is where they will go and what they will hold. Obviously, the Corner System is meant to hang deer in a corner. The Single System will go on any stud on any wall and the HD system is for holding heavier mounts. The HD System will hold mounts up to 60 pounds. I am very excited to get a few more Full Range Hanging Systems for my trophies.

One of the benefits of creating more space in my “Man Cave” is it has allowed me to hang some beautiful artwork. Years ago, through my teaching job, I was introduced to a local wildlife artist named, Jack Paluh. I fell in love with his work and how he was able to bring animals to life on canvas. Jack has had the pleasure of creating many pieces of artwork of the National Wild Turkey Federation. You may be familiar with some of his work.

A visit to Jack’s website and you will see more than just wildlife. He has a variety of artwork covering Scenery, Eastern Native Americans and Pioneers, Heritage and Military, Whitetail Deer, Bowhunting, and Pet Memorial artwork. My wife and I own many pieces of his art, and they are in almost every room upstairs. The detail and colors of his pieces bring life to any room.

My favorite Jack Paluh print is called, Your Buck! Jack had this brilliant idea in which he created a traditional scenery with a whitetail buck in it. He took it to the next level by leaving the antlers off of the buck. Jack will use a picture of your buck and paint the antlers on the painting making it, Your Buck!

In 2003, I killed a beautiful 8 point PA buck, and I asked Jack if I could get a painting made. Jack was nice enough to allow me to come over to his studio and watch him paint the antlers on my painting. After the paint dried I was able to take my personalized painting home and hang it on the wall next to my mount. The painting was the main focal point of my old “Man Cave”. When we built our new house in 2010, I didn’t have anywhere to put up my painting so it was tucked away in the back of my closet. It was a shame that I didn’t have anywhere to hang the painting next to the mount.

With the ability to use the Full Range Hanging Systems in my “Man Cave”, I was able to free up wall space and move some mounts around. Finally, I had opened up wall space next to my 2003 8 point buck mount. This allowed me to get my personalized print out of my closet and on the wall. I love the way my “Man Cave” looks with these new additions.

So if you want to make some changes to you trophy room, take some time to look at the Full Range Hanging Systems and the amazing artwork of Jack Paluh. You can add life to your mounts and color to the room. Bring in 2019 with some new additions that make your “Man Cave” come alive.

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