Are you a survivalist or a prepper: Know the difference

By: Jennie Trotter

One of the most commonly asked questions is  “Whether I am a survivalist or a prepper.” Well, this is not a trick question. This article will help define the qualities of both a survivalist and a prepper that will make it easier for you to spot a difference between the two. Whether or not you choose to fight the wild or love being on adventure trips, one needs to have good knowledge to survive potentially deadly short-term situations.

In general, people experimenting on something new and unrealistic situations that might occur in the future are called. Guess what?

No, not Weirdos and maverick.

We are talking about survivalists and Preppers.

Listed below are some of the key differences between a Survivalist and a prepper :

In order to answer the most commonly asked Survivalist versus prepper question, it is extremely important to know the kind of personality they hold.

  • Who is a Prepper?

A person who believes that a huge disaster or an emergency situation is likely to happen in the near future, and therefore, make an active preparation and management plan for it. Mostly by stocking food, basic survival amenities, and other supplies.

Now let us understand

  • Who is a Survivalist?

A survivalist will hit the ground and perform actions in case he/she is stuck in a life-risking situation. Survivalists, generally, follow people like Bear Grylls and Les Stroud who believe in tackling life-threatening situations on their own. Risking lives is a common characteristic amongst survivalists.

Differences between Survivalists and Preppers :

  • A Survivalist will take up challenges that will make them go out of their comfort zone while a prepper chooses to be prepared for everything more than a short-term survival and continue their life as usual.
  • Although both survivalists and preppers love being into an adventurous situation, there lie some key differences with their approach to handling life-risking situations.

For Example: If stuck in the wild, a survivalist would use the wilderness for most of their survival needs. He will make his own shelter, carry a hunting knife with sheath that will help him fight the wild and cook for himself and enjoy the wilderness. Whereas a prepper would carry and stockpile enough food and other survival supplies that will make him survive for a few days with ease and comfort.

  • A survivalist will back himself with a small and compact survival knife, torch, gear, and a few other basic survival kits and accessories.

The similarity between prepper and Survivalists :

  • Both preppers and survivalists invest a lot their time and money in researching and preparing themselves for impending disaster and emergency situations.

So, are you a Prepper or a Survivalist?

Well, it is not important to classify yourself into a particular category. Whatever side of the fence you are sitting on, in the end, what matters is the survival of you and your family, no matter the technique.

If you ask me, I would call myself a survivalist who is prepared for all kinds of life-risking situations that will come along the way. My preparedness activities would surely include stockpiling food and basic living amenities and supplies. But it also includes thorough training and learning wilderness skills that will help me combat difficult survival situations in the long run.

These are some of the most common differences between a survivalist and a prepper. Mostly, both preppers and survivalists have a positive attitude towards life and have a deep desire to live. We hope this article will help you understand the most common differences and similarities between a survivalist and a prepper and help you categorize yourself. Explore the world. Take up risks. Challenge yourself and let the wilderness amaze you all.