By: Mian Azhar


If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to build a hunting blind roof, then you’re in the right place. This post will take you through detailed DIY steps to get you that hunting blind you’ve always wanted.

The Types of Hunting Blinds

First off, you need to know there’re two types of hunting blinds:

The ground level blind: This blind sits on a raised platform some few inches above the ground. Its biggest advantage is its flexibility. You can build and transport it with ease.

The elevated blind: Instead of a few inches, this blind rises higher such that you may need stairs or a ladder to access it.

Materials Needed

  • Screws and nails
  • Window and door hinges
  • Tin sheets for your roof
  • Latches and a door handle
  • 4 feet by 1×2 inches lumber, 7 pieces
  • 8 feet by 2×4 inches lumber, 12 pieces
  • 4×8 feet, ½ thick, 7 pieces plywood

Note that the number of pieces will depend on the structure you intend on building.

Building the Hunting Blind

  1. The Base

Start with the floor platform. Lay one plywood to guide you when building the platform. Next, lay the 2×4, 8 feet lumber on either of the longer sides. For the remaining short sides, lay the 4 feet 2×4. This will give you the guiding frame. Remember to nail it together.

Fix 5, 4 feet 2×4 lumbers inside the frame, but keep each 1 foot apart. If they don’t feet well, cut off the excess part. Afterward, join this frame to the plywood on the floor. This is your platform.

  • Building the Frame

This frame will support the walls. For this, you’ll use the 2×4 8 feet lumbers. Fix one on the corner and another on the longer side. Use another one to stand in the middle to act as support.

As you do this, keep in mind where you’ll have the door. The best place, however, is on the shorter side. The windows can fit on the other remaining sides to give you a wide view. Speaking of windows, don’t forget to fix structural frames to support them.

  • The Door, Windows, and Walls

This is where the plywood comes in. Nail the plywood on the frame and cut out the areas where the windows will go. You can cut out the windows according to your preferences.

You can attach the pieces to the frame using the hinges to act as windows. Also, fix the latches to secure the window against strong winds.

  • Installing the Roof

This is the final part. Incline the roof at an angle to direct the water on one side during wet days. To achieve this incline, shorten one of the longer walls. In addition, if you plan to have the windows on two sides only, make sure the roof tilts to the closed wall.

You can check out the Thorough Roofing company to find out the best roof for the job.

This will ensure the waterfalls on this side. However, since this is a hunting blind, you’ll have windows on three sides, hence the tilt doesn’t matter.

There you have it. Your ultimate guide to building a hunting blind. Before you use it, go through the entire structure for some finishing touches. This includes sealing gaps, scent-proofing and painting the blind among others.