The Breadcrumb Bluetooth™ Trackable Nock from is the first nock of its kind, enabling you to confidently track your arrow from your Smartphone. Using the custom Breadcrumb Tracking App, you can accurately locate arrows from distances of 100+ yards away. Once you’re in range, your Smartphone notifies and the signal strength indicator leads you to your arrow. Additionally, you can activate the nock’s sound beacon in order to reveal an arrow’s hidden location. To learn how to quickly set up your Nock – Click Here.

How it works

Breadcrumb Nocks are operated by a compact microprocessor and proprietary firmware and all of its functions are seamlessly integrated. To arm the nock, you simply press the on/off button until the nock flashes one time. There are no switches to set or ends to pull out. The nock will remain armed for 6 hours. If the arrow isn’t fired within that time, it will automatically disarm itself and turn off.

Upon firing an armed arrow, the nock immediately activates a static LED light to provide a bright chaser light (just like other lighted nocks). After 30 seconds, the nock begins to flash and send out a Bluetooth signal to that your Smartphone and assists you in the recovery. The signal and flashing light remain active until an arrow is retrieved. As the search period lengthens, the Breadcrumb Nock will extend intervals between flashes to conserve battery life. Once retrieved, simply turn off the nock.

Search Party Function

The Breadcrumb app on your Smartphone allows you to bring others into your search.  By digitally “sharing” your Breadcrumb nock signal, you can increase your searchable range. Share it with multiple people to help you more throughly canvass an area. When a person in your search party comes into range of the nock, the entire group is notified on their smartphones and shown the knock’s location,

Device Management

The Breadcrumb app also keeps an eye on your battery life. With a simple touch of the screen you’ll know if it’s time to replace the battery. If you are running low you can re-order right from your phone and have a replacement kit sent directly to your home or hunt.  Replacement kits come with 3V lithium battery, secure-fit gasket and a shrink sleeve.


  • LIGHT COLOR: Bright Blue
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.94” L  x 0.313” W
  • WEIGHT: 41 Grains
  • TRACKABLE RANGE: 50+ Yards
  • BATTERY: 3V Lithium
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: H = .233” S/GT = .244”-.246”