By Bob Ragsdale

Answering a question from a youth who is shooting a left- handed longbow and wants to switch to a compound bow. He asks how to select a bow for a “kid” and also wants to know how to determine “eye dominance.”

From Bob Ragsdale: Since the youth has been shooting left-handed with his longbow for so long I can virtually assure you, assuming no peep and front sight is used, that he would not have done so well with a dominant right eye, unless he is closing one eye to point and shoot.

To determine Eye Dominance: The TEST is to have the person stack their hands and cross their thumbs to form a small hole between the thumb webs. Holding arms at full length, with both eyes open, have them put any small object from 1 to 100 feet away in the hand hole. If it “disappears” when they close the LEFT eye they are Right eye Dominant. If it “disappears” when they close the RIGHT eye they are LEFT eye Dominant. A reminder; “When one eye is closed, the one remaining is dominant.” This is not a crucial area when under control, certainly not rocket science critical technology by any means.

Selecting a Compound Bow For A Kid: As for a SHORT DRAW, LIGHT PEAK WEIGHT bow, there are many on the market with most offered in left hand as well as right. About all you can do is call around for specs or make the rounds of the area bow outlets. For adults using them it is not so crucial that they be able to increase in draw length easily, for kids at the fast growing age that may be an area of concern. OVER-BOWING-PEAK WEIGHT is the most common error made.

ABOVE ALL, the bow must first fit well in draw length. Next, it should not be too high in draw weight. Remember that “the recommended arrow” for compound bows are significantly lighter which compensates for the lower peak weight to a high degree. Do not be obsessed with arrow speed or macho things, if the youth is comfortable they will enjoy the sport more and be more likely to pursue the personal challenge of shooting more accurately.

THEY CAN WIN ANY SHOOT THERE IS WITH THE SLOWEST ARROW AT THE TOURNAMENT, too bad so many adults don’t know this applies to them as well.

Consider that EVERY COMPOUND BOW ON THE MARKET IS CAPABLE OF SHOOTING A PERFECT SCORE ON EVERY OUTING, if the operator is up to the task. Forget buying success along with the model picked; the comfort, price and service of the bow is the name of the game.