I’ve been in the archery industry for 48 years and I have never owned a Crossbow.  Being on BowTech’s pro staff and the fact that Excalibur Crossbow is owned by BowTech, I figured if their crossbows are as good as the Bows, it would be fantastic investment.  I called Excalibur and decided to go for the gusto and order the Assassin.  I gave the agent my credit card and he said I should have it in a week.  I could not wait!! 

My Crossbow arrived 9 days later and I went to Cinnamon Creek Archery in Fort Worth and had my favorite tech Willie set it up.  I was shooting bullseyes at 50 yards in no time.  I could not wait to get out and actually hunt with The Assassin.

Let me back up a second.  While deciding which crossbow to get, I had many questions for the salesperson at Excalibur.  I have to admit, he was very patient and did not try and steer me in any direction.  After speaking with him for 30 minutes and going through the multiple options I decided to go with their Flagship, THE ASSASISN! What sold me on The Assassin is the fact it shoots at 360 FPS and the draw was 285lbs.  I also liked the fact that it was relatively light weight coming in at 7.7lbs. 

Another factor that sold me was the Charger Crank System!  It is the world’s first dead silent integrated crank aid, allowing you to generate 360 fps speed with over 100 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy with just 12 pounds of force to pull it. 

The Excalibur Crossbow Charger Crank System

The pro-shot match grade trigger is smooth.  It has the feel of some of the finest rifle triggers I have ever pulled.  Very light pull, clean and crisp, making it more accurate.  The Assassin also has a custom fit stock for everyone. The fully adjustable True-Fit Stock features fast tool-less length of pull adjustment from 12” to 15” along with an adjustable cheekpiece so everyone can achieve the perfect CUSTOM fit in a millisecond!

Lets Go Hunting For Wild boars!

The other evening, I took the Assassin out to my ranch and went to a very secluded area that holds some huge Texas wild boars. I was in my stand for only 30 minutes when I saw eight hogs in the trees, making their way towards me. There were 3 large boars in the group.  They approached my location quickly. 

I had the Assassin shouldered and ready to go.  I settled the sight behind the third boars’ shoulder and squeezed the trigger.  The arrow scooted right through his vitals and he piled up in 60 yards.  WOW, I thought to myself.  It literally felt like shooting a rifle, so cool!

In summary, Excalibur has an abundance of crossbows to choose from.  Each one having their unique distinction.  Jump out to their website, www.excaliburcrossbow.com.

My broadhead was the Grim Reaper Broadheads 1 3/4 inch RazorCut and I watched the big boar drop in sight, only 60 yards away.

Cocking the Assassin crossbow is both quiet and easy and I am impressed with Excalibur’s ‘Charger Crank System.’ It only takes 12 pounds of pressure to turn the crank. And also, you can un-crank the crossbow with this crank, so you do not have to shoot the bow to unload the crossbow bolt.

The author is cocking his Assassin crossbow with the Charger Crank System.