Back during the Vietnam era on my stint in the US Army one thing sticks in my memory, the meals were bland and not very good. Indigestion was my constant companion at every single duty station where I served. So, I was always glad to see boiled shrimp on the line, which I liked, but unfortunately it didn’t show up very often.

The one thing I actually enjoyed was made from dried beef and gravy on biscuits or toast. It was called SOS on the menu. However, everyone referred to it as ‘shit on a shingle.’

It was real good. The dried or chipped beef had a good taste. But the gravy made from cooking the dried beef in lots of butter and adding flour until it was the perfect thickness, was excellent. So, for today, I searched for “army SOS dried beef” and found this video on
Cooking with Shotgun Red
. This is an easy to cook meal for any deer camp. …. Robert Hoague

SOS: Chip Beef Gravy on Toast!
Equal parts butter and flour (8 tbsp. each) Cook on low heat for 2 minutes and then add about 1 and 1/2 cups milk a little at a time.
Chop your dried beef into little pieces and add to the gravy.
Add about 1/2 tsp. black pepper. (no salt)
Dish over un-buttered toast! Enjoy!

SOS and Gravy on toast.