Once a gobbler is in bow range you have another challenge. Exactly where do you aim for a good bow shot? Due to the nature of a wild turkey gobbler, it’s not that easy.

Commonly, a gobbler will move around. If you use a turkey decoy, the gobbler’s attention is generally pinpointed on that decoy. And he changes positions and moves closer to the decoy as well as farther away. So the type of shot opportunity that you have can vary. He might be head on, or broadside, or even have his back to you.

Also there is the issue of his feathers; he may be full strut, half strut, or normal (no strut). Where you aim is critical because what he does with those feathers can fool you. Obviously, you should aim at the same thing; his vitals. But; where that is when he is strutting, normal, head on, broadside or with his back to you, looks different.

I found a video that does an outstanding job of showing a turkey’s muscles, skeleton and those all important vitals — from every possible angle. Plus it shows us where to aim. This video is only 6 minutes but I think it’s worth it for every turkey bowhunter to see this.

Where do you aim when that gobbler comes in? This video shows you.