By Robert Hoague

Over the years I’ve used many different binoculars. I’ve used different optical sizes and styles as well as several different brands. Last year’s deerhunting season I tried out some Henry Pahvant binoculars in size 8 x 42. Normally I prefer a 10 by something but the Henry Pahvant lady said this model would work perfectly and wanted me to try it.

Heck, contrary to what I expected, she was right. The wider 42 field of vision and the 8 magnification allowed me to see plenty of area and was also steadier to hand hold. I used them almost every day last year and practically every day this year, I am totally satisfied.

henry pahvant binoculars

I live in deer country and I love watching wildlife early in the morning or at dusk. These binoculars are top notch and right at the top of the pack. When I get a deer or wild turkey in the lenses I can focus on it instantly. Frankly, that is not what I’ve been used to and I really like the fastness of the focus. Every bit of each lens is crystal clear.

The size of the 8×42 Henry Pavant’s is just right for watching wildlife or hunting. Most binocs these day are too long and heavy; however, not the Henry Pavant’s, they are shorter and lighter and more comfortable to carry with you and to use. And the lenses are clear and powerful and the binocular ia easy to focus in sharply.

These binoculars see good at low light too. Plus, the binoculars have a no questions asked warranty!!!

You’ll love looking thru these fine binoculars from Henry Pahvant.

I found a video Henry Pahvant posted on YouTube when they were in Mule Deer country. Click on the video below for some eye popping bucks. (By Robert Hoague)

Henry Pahvant website.

Henry Pahvant on Facebook.