The first deer, a doe, showed up a few minutes before first picture light. She walked to my area and then browsed selectively on the variety of natural greenery that grows in this out of the way area in the spring. When the daylight finally was good enough Ithe doe was very close to me. I took its picture.

The doe browsed around and I pictured it up some more.

Twenty minutes later a buck walked along the edge of the woods to the east. And, in spite of the comment some folks make, his skinny neck will bulk up later in the year.

Bingo, a second buck came out of the trees and walked off to the denser woods to the north.

5 more does showed up as I waited. Plus another velvet head buck that was over 400 yards away. Then a doe walked and browsed past me.

And that was the activity in the deer woods this morning, June12, 2019.