Robert Hoague

This year’s wild turkey season was strictly an at home deal. My best scouting began from my front yard, before the season, listening to gobblers scattered around the area. Before the season began and early on they were gobbling to the north, south, east and west. Perfect.

My main early setup was on the west edge of my property. Every morning I’d been hearing gobbles come from a nearby area where a stock pond is that is surrounded by mature oak trees. The pond is on the neighboring property but it is definitely in calling range.

From my ground blind, looking south, and to the right were the gobbles at the pond (400 yards away). My neighbor is not the kind of guy to let anyone set foot on his property, let alone hunt it, so I’m as close as I can get to the roost area.

The gobblers frequently leave the area where the roost/pond/tall trees are and walk to the east where they enter a 40 acre field that is directly across my bordering fence-line to the south. And is also adjacent to where my F&S blind is set up.

Photo above is from a few days before the wild turkey season opened. This is a gobbler following along with two hens.

So when opening morning came I was justifiably optimistic that this season would be a good one.