By: Vincent Esposito

I want to start out by saying out of all the Fletching jigs and set ups that I have built arrows with, this is by far the easiest and simplest to use. The GT Arrow Fletcher is packed with unique and simple features. The archery designers at Goat Tuff Products introduced a new concept they call  True Contact Design’™ (TCD). TCD ensures the shaft and vane mate together completely, consistently and accurately every time for a maximum bond regardless of the helical desired or the shaft size. 

When you purchase the GT Arrow Fletcher comes packaged with the following items:

1 base with 2 V-Block

1 Three fletch indexer

1 Four fletch indexer

2 Lock Down Clips (Holds shaft in gluing position)

4 Vane Nests (½ degree, 1 degree, 2 degree, and 3 degree)

½ degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 4” long. Also recommended for most crossbow arrows.

1 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 4“long.

2 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 3.25” long.

3 degree Vane Nest for vanes up to 2.25” long.

This makes it easy to customize your arrow exactly how you want it. 

As I said before, setting up and using the GT Arrow Fletcher is easy. You select the vane nest you want and the distance you want from the nock to vane. This is done by placing the vane nest in the desired spot on the base. Then you slide your vane into the nest, ensuring that it is up against the back of the jig. Goat Tuff has a full line of shaft cleaning products I highly recommend for cleaning your shaft and vane. Next, after cleaning your shaft and vane, you nock your arrow in the desired index and apply a small amount of Goat Tuff’s Premium High Performance Glue to the vane edge.

Finally, set your arrow in the index receiver with your arrows across both V blocks and press down for approximately 10 to 20 seconds so you can be sure of a complete, solid hold.

Ease tension on the arrow and move on to the next vane. It’s quick, easy, and consistently simple to repeat over and over again.

That’s exactly why I love this fletcher; it’s so easy to repeat the process time after time no matter the combination of arrow, degree of helical, or number of fletchings. 

Not only is the GT Arrow Fletcher easy to use, it’s durable and easily cleaned. After fletching is complete you can clean the vane nests with acetone to completely rid them of any glue. Just be careful not to get a lot of glue on those nests while your fletching, they sometimes adhere the vane to the base. 

Overall, I loved using the GT Arrow Fletcher. The True Contact Design really allows for consistent and reliable arrow shaft to vane mating and if you properly clean the shafts with GT Cleaner and use their High Performance Glue you can be sure the vanes will adhere properly to the shaft.  The ease of set up is also the simplest of any tool I have ever used, making changing fletching configurations a breeze. I highly recommend the GT Arrow Fletcher, even to someone who has never fletched an arrow before.  It’s easy to set up and use, the results are outstanding and it’s fun.

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bout Vince Esposito: From a young age, hunting has always been a tradition and a great pastime for him and his family.  Vinnie learned the value of fair chase from his father, a passionate and successful hunter as well.  Always an avid hunter, but when he began bowhunting in 2010, he became even more passionate about time spent afield.  Today, Vince is a complete archery addict and always open to sharing his passion with his family and friends.  Archery has become a year round endeavor for Vince.  Shooting nearly everyday, he constantly tries improve his skill set. He also regularly attends local archery shoots and loves the Total Archery Challenge. Vince is also a contributor at Pennsylvania Bowhunting,