By Lucy Wyndham

Designing A Customized Shed For Your Hunting Equipment

In the last 5 years, about 101.6 million Americans engaged in wildlife-related activities like hunting, as reported by the U.S. Interior Department. Animals like moose, wild hogs, antelopes and elks are hunted for food and leisure. Hunting related-activities use specific tools that are expensive to purchase and maintain. It is therefore necessary to have good storage areas for all your hunting equipment. Good storage areas will save you money and time when the hunting season approaches. Constructing a shed will minimize damages from rust, rodents and mold that destroy your tools. The structure will also make it easy when you are re-tying, painting, cleaning and repairing you equipment. Customizing a shed for your hunting guns, shooting bows, knives and other tools can ensure that you have an easy time in the hunting season.

A Customized Shed In The Back Yard

A 3D customized garden storage shed can be built through computer software to visualize your specifications. The customization envisions the location, dimensions, color, size and geometry of the shed. You can customize the storage shelves to ensure that all the equipment is safe. One can systematically organize storage-units for game cameras, hunting gear and any other equipment. The storage-shed must be spacious to allow free movement and prevent congestion related injuries. Alternatively, you can order a 3D solid works visualization based on the desired structural requirements.

The Structural Layout

The roof must be fully slanted to prevent water from seeping from the top. It’s advisable to leave some wall ventilations about 6 inches below the roof to allow circulation of air. The floor-area must have a raised gradient of about 10 inches to prevent flooding and dampness that could damage the hunting equipment. Essential structural features like the ramps, door, storage areas, and roof and widow sizes are considered in the design. These features can be made of wood to lower the construction costs. Any materials used for this project must be durable and strong. Hardwood for walls and concrete blocks for the walls are the best solutions for this project.  

Safety And Security Measures

The arrows, guns, bows, sharp knives and other equipment stored in the shed can be unsafe, especially to children. To prevent injuries, door areas of the shed should have locks to prevent children from accessing the structure. For maximum security, a fence can be surrounded around the shed to prevent intruders and children from tampering with the equipment. In case you have your kid in the shed, ensure that all the tools are stored on high hooks or shelves. All the windows must lock from the inside to minimize the chances of theft.

Storing hunting gear and equipment in a customized shed can prevent theft, extra expenses and injuries. The shed’s design can be customized by individual owners, or ordered online. All designs will be determined by the equipment and financial capabilities of the owner. It is important to use durable materials to maximize safety and reduce injuries to children. These few steps can increase enjoyment in hunting seasons, as long as the structure is carefully maintained by repainting, and repairing leaking roofs and broken timber.