FOR YOUTH: Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow From 10 Point

Designed to introduce crossbow hunting to youth (as well as women and smaller-framed shooters), the new Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 crossbow from 10 Point Crossbow Technologies is affordable.

Taking aim with the new Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 crossbow.

Focused on safety for the new hunter, this crossbow is equipped with a safety engineered pass-through fore-grip and glass-reinforced nylon safety wings to help keep the shooter’s hands safely below the bowstring release pass. This ready-to-hunt crossbow is packaged with a cocking device, quiver, and arrows. It features a manageable size, light in weight, and it has a short length-of-pull.

Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 crossbow from 10 Point Crossbow Technologies

The Ranger X2 comes fully assembled and weighs a manageable 5.9 pounds. Although designed for small-framed hunters The Ranger X2 offers full-frame speeds. It shoots an 18-inch Wicked Ridge Ranger carbon arrow at 330 fps. The bow is 33.5 inches long, and offers a manageable draw weight of 150 pounds. When cocked, the Ranger X2 measures 16 inches axle-to-axle. 

Video on Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 crossbow.

The Ranger X2 is built on an aluminum riser fitted with 11-inch limbs and powered by speed enhancing cams and special string and cables with tunable yokes. The stock is lightweight and has built-in safety features to protect the shooter and the bow. The bow is also equipped with TenPoint’s Dry-Fire-Inhibitor and 3.5-pound auto-engaging safety trigger.

The new Ranger X2 crossbow has Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Country camo pattern, and with an MSRP of $479.99 including its TenPoint Multi-Line scope, ACU-52 cocking device, three carbon arrows and a quiver.

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