By: Gary Elliott       

The last couple months I have had the pleasure of trying out the new Room Clean and Ozone Go by Scent Crusher. I was a skeptic at the beginning. I have tried ozone producers in the past and they seemed to work or was it just mental? Kinda like having the vacuum on but if it isn’t sucking but because it is leaving tracks you think it is cleaning. So, now to find out if these scent destroyer really work.

Room Clean in action.

So, my first test was my son’s room that had some odors. I plugged in the Room Clean which puts out 20 to 90mg/hr. Set it for a 30-minute cycle and left it running and came back that night and was blown away by how good it smelled in the room.  Given the run cycle is 30 minutes and it cleaned a 120 square foot room up in that time. It has an adjustable timer, so you can set it to run 10/20 or 30 minutes and it automatically shuts off. Great for a RV, Cabin or room. It simply plugs into any 110v or 240v outlet and unless you have exceptional hearing you probably won’t even hear it run. The only noise that is omitted is an ambient noise and the unit cleans up to 320 square feet. Room Clean is back by a 2-year warranty and retails for around $99.00.

Ozone Go.

          As far as the Ozone Go it is designed for your car and cleans in a 30-minute cycle. Simply plug it in and let it run and it will shut down after 30 minutes. The blue light indicates that it is on and omitting chemical free ozone. I simply slide it in and let it run after I exit my truck and it runs and cleans the air. It too does a great job getting rid of food smells and even after leaving fishing gear sitting in the hot sun. The Ozone Go also carries a 2-year warranty and retails for $39.99.

          Overall, I am a believer and after studying about ozone it is used widely in hospitals, car rentals and hotels for cleaning not only the air but linens as well.

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