Goat Tuff: Glues for Faster, Easier, Stronger Fletching

When it comes to arrow making, no company has done more to help you make them right than Goat Tuff Products. Leading the lineup is the archery industry’s best selling High Performance Glues. Goat Tuff’s remarkable High Performance Glues are a super strong, cyanoacrylate formula that is not only the purest available but also the strongest, fastest setting and easiest to work with on the market today.

Goat Tuff President Jerry Smith noted, “Our formula has been specially designed to work with all forms of molded and extruded fletching materials as well as feathers. It is designed with a thicker consistency when compared to other cyanoacrylate glues making it so much easier to work with. Our glues, due to our special formulation, also require less glue for maximum hold while drying quickly to ensure the arrow making process is faster, cleaner and positively secures the fletching to the shaft material whether wood, aluminum or carbon.”

While Goat Tuff’s High Performance Glues remain the best glues for all arrow making projects they also have a wide variety of other uses around the house, yard and shop, making them perfect for bonding plastics, rubber, leather, metal, wood and more. When the need for the strongest glue arises, Goat Tuff always comes through.

GOAT TUFF Products offers a full line of cleaning and gluing products for the professional and home arrow maker along with these other fine products; Opti-Vanes, the CLAW Bow Carrier, GT Arrow Fletcher, GT-100 Ionic Bond Lubricant and the Equalizer Release Aid.

 For more information please go to:   GOAT TUFF Products   – email: goattuff@msn.com                                                                              

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