This is an area that I’ve bowhunted since 1984. There are three intersecting fence lines here that meet at the only internal road, an old and very rugged two-track that runs east to west through 700 acres of the 1,000 acre property. I have 3 stand sites at the Point, a treestand, a ladder stand and a Pop Up ground blind.

My first visitors were last week. This spike buck has his first set of antlers. He is a smallish buck.

The next afternoon a wild boar came right in front of my ground blind.

The next afternoon I brought my bow in case I saw that boar again, but the gave me a no-show. However, a buck in velvet hopped the fence and came out of the cluster of live oak trees growing adjacent to the fence.

Notice that the velvet on this buck’s antlers is constricted tightly around the bone of the antler. He will shed that velvet quickly.

I also got a close up picture of the buck below as he ambled by my blind. You may think that this is the same buck as the one above, but it is not. Check out the tines on his rack and you can see that the furthest out points are definitely shorter than the tines on the other buck.

So, we have two nice 8-point bucks that are in the immediate area.