I had the opportunity to review a unique flashlight referred to as the “unround” flashlight. So, out with the old style of round flashlights and in with the “unround”. 

          How do you benefit from this design?  Well, you get, not just a water-resistant flashlight but due to the unique design you get a waterproof design up to 3.2 feet and lasting up to 30 minutes. Shockproof up to nearly a 10-foot drop. In my opinion the grip is better and less fatigue on your hands when having to carry it on a hike or for long periods of time. Much more convenient to use around the house doing repairs in low light to no light. Powering the F-700 that I reviewed are 4 AA batteries that are included in the package along with 700 lumens of light. There are 5 total FLATEYE™ flashlights ranging from 310 to 2100 Lumens and all with a limited lifetime warranty.

          When I first grasped this flashlight, I could really appreciate the grip you have on this flashlight with minimal power. The button is easily depressed to give you 3 levels of light. The batteries are easily accessed on the bottom by using a coin or flathead screwdriver to open. Then unlike a lot of flashlights that get warm or just plain hot Panther Vision uses their patented Hyper-Fin™ cooling technology that disperses the heat from the LED preventing the light from getting hot.

          Overall, I have been very impressed with this light and even more so the great illumination of this 700-lumen light.  The grip is fantastic, and you know you have a high-quality light in your hands. Whether for general use or for hiking or hunting this is a great light to investigate. One drawback is the fact that they do not make a green or red light for hunters and I hope it is just a matter of time before they include this into their unround flashlight arsenal.

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