Rick Philippi: Moose Report #1

After they found the moose pit Terry Brew scattered moose scent around the sizeable section of pawed up ground, as well as on the limbs of sapling trees that moose have pushed over.

Moose guide Terry Brew scattering moose scent next to the moose pit.

Next, Terry had Rick set up their Cow Moose Decoy.

Rick set up in the brush to the right and 10 yards from the moose decoy. Terry Brew went on the opposite side and got out his moose calls.

Terry Brew gets ready for the hunt.

This area has plenty of moose sign; including tracks, sapling rubs, well worn trails and moose pits. The weather began changing; high winds blew in and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Then it began raining.

Later in the afternoon a cow moose came crashing through the timber 100 yards from the hunters. While they waited Terry received a call on his cell phone and they learned that the first bull of the hunt had been taken by a crossbow hunter. (I should have a picture tomorrow.)


Website: You can go to the Ryk Visscher’s Hunting Adventures website for more details on his Moose, Black Bear and Whitetail hunts.

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