Yesterday morning, at 4:00am, Rick Philippi checked in at the DFW Airport airport security for his international flight to Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. Rick was ready to hunt moose. Moose Outfitter Ryk Visscher was ready to pick Rick up in the afternoon. And I was ready to put his bowhunt online, from my home office.

Rick Philippi used his iPhone to take the picture below on the last leg of his flight.

Ryk Visscher met Rick near the baggage claim. They loaded up Rick’s bow case and luggage and drove to Ryk’s hunting lodge.

Ryk Visscher on the left and Rick Philippi on the right.

Soon, some hunters came over and Ryk Visscher held his annual moose hunt meeting and brought everybody up to speed on the moose hunting prospects for 2019. Then, after dinner, Rick turned in for the night.

In the morning, moose guide Terry Brew picked Rick up and they drove to a massive wooded area where they would hunt moose. The two walked a few miles and Terry located a large moose rut pit. Terry scattered moose lure around the pawed up ground.

Terry got out his homemade moose decoy and set that up near the moose pit. Then he and Rick hid in the nearby woods and waited to see if anything, bull moose wise, was gonna happen today.