Back at the Point area four days later I see one of the first bucks to shed its velvet. He came from the south and jumped the fence at a long time buck crossing. Then he walked leisurely along the fence line and past where I was waiting.

Soon two does came from the opposite direction, one on my side of the fence and the other, a fawn, on the opposite side.

The next afternoon the same buck came from the north west and walked my blind. Notice that this buck is a different buck from the prior two that were in velvet.

Actually, I was glassing the woods to my right and didn’t see this buck until he was almost in front of me. So I didn’t have enough time to frame him up and zoom in to get a better picture.

Some more does came through. Here is one of them.

I’ll be back at the Point and chances are good I’ll see the other two bucks from last week.

Deer Pictures By Robert Hoague…