On the range or in the field, carrying your bow can be tiring, inconvenient and cumbersome. Especially if you need two hands to work your way through the fields and woods. Problem solved with the handy ‘CLAW’, the most remarkable Bow Carrier ever designed.

GOAT TUFF President Jerry Smith had this to say, “The  ‘CLAW’ is a handy, easy to use bow carrier that is belt worn and keeps your bow conveniently at your side. The bow is rotated into the rubber coated hooks where it will stay securely in place leaving the archer’s hands free. With the ‘CLAW’ the user is free to climb, twist, bend and sit without worrying the bow will tip, shift or fall out. To retrieve the bow you simple rotate out and you are ready to shoot.”

The GT ‘CLAW’ Bow Carrier is made of steel and finished with a tough powder coated finish. Available in right and left hand.  

 For more information please contact:    Email: goattuff@msn.com  on the web at: www.goattuffproducts.com or call (520) 742-1701