A Hot New Product from Spypoint Trail Camera

The Spypoint Cell-Link was definitely one of the most talked-about items at the 2020 Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Cell-Link is a universal cellular adapter that you connect with a non-cellular trail camera, turning the trail-cam into a cellular-capable device. Yes, that’s exactly what I said! You can attach this product to virtually any non-cellular camera (any brand, not just Spypoint) and turn it into a cell cam, which will allow you to scout digitally, without having to spread human scent into your hunting areas.

How exactly will the Cell-Link work? It will have a thin cable the runs from the bottom of the unit to the non-cellular trail camera. At the end of the cable will be a SD card that you can plug into the trail camera. You will have the run the cable out of the bottom of your non-cellular trail camera and close the camera door on the thin cable. Then you run the cable back up to the unit which would be attached to the same tree as your camera. The USB card will store your photos and you will be able to receive your photos through the Free Mobile App from Spypoint.

Spypoint Cell-Link

The retail price of the Spypoint Cell-Link will be about $69.99. For a reasonable price, you will be able to turn any of your standard trail cameras into a cellular trail camera. This will definitely be a game-changer for hunters that want to utilize trail cameras and digital scouting technology.

The Cell-Link will be available in retailers in April. Get more information about the new 2020 products from Spypoint Trail Cameras at www.spypoint.com/2020

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