Got A Grunt Tube?

Yours Is Probably No Good. There Are Only 3 Made That Will Call In A Whitetail Buck!

Getting the deer in close and looking for YOU can be accomplished with a Deer Grunt tube. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Just One Problem!

Almost All Deer Grunts Are Junk, as in no good, totally bad, and the sounds they makes will NOT call a deer to you, period. Absolutely.

The obstacle that EVERY Call Making Hopeful faces is that making deer calls is not a production manufacturing situation.

Think about it this way.

If you were making deer grunts in Korea, or China or Vietnam or even the USA; you might could make one that could call a deer. Maybe. If you’ve hunted them enough.

But nobody else in any of those factories could. Heck, they never even heard a deer grunt, and quite possibly have never seen a whitetail deer either.

Deer Grunts are like great Wild Turkey Calls. Neither are high production situations. And neither can be done right except by being blown by someone who knows EXACTLY how a wild turkey or a Whitetail deer buck or doe sounds.

But the big companies in China, etc., that make millions more deer and turkey calls than all the real call makers added together; those factory call makers CAN NOT produce calls that will call in anything.

So when you are looking at those sharp looking calls on their flashy print card … check where they come from … save your money … and I’ll tell you the 3 that work and where to buy them.


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