Protecting Your ATV

How Do You Care For, Clean and Maintain Your ATV.

By: Wade Nolan
Bowhunting Biologist

My last new ATV carried a $9000 price tag. I take care of all of my gear but with a cost of a used pick-up on it, you can bet I take care of that quad. Nevertheless, quads are a lot like pick-ups. My buddy once said, “If you’re not willing to haul chicken sh-t in your pickup, you don’t need a pick-up.” Same goes for an ATV, they are made to work. Out on my Ohio farm we make them work and we get muddy.

I guess guys used an old pick-up or a tractor before ATV’s. Today it is hard to be a land manager without a Quad.

A couple of months ago, we were planting food plot seed in some plots that were uniquely quad accessible. After the dozer left, we worked to smooth out the plots using a heavy-duty rake. When we drug the rake by itself and didn’t dig in much. Add 60# of logs on top and the rake works like magic. It all gets you a dirty quad.

You can’t do much without an ATV.

I work with a unique group of guys at a company called ATSKO. They are a bunch of science nerds who really know how to stir up the chemistry to make things work. Silicone Water-Guard is a good example. It is a waterproofing with more silicone in it than all of the look-alike products. On top of that, they have devised some nifty chemistry that works after application that bonds the silicone to almost anything.


The process is called polymer cross-linking. This cross-linking creates a durable long-lasting bond.  In this case, we are linking silicone atoms to one another. These strong bonds are the key to Silicone Water-Guard passing 50 ASTM water event tests. The only way to really get it off is by using detergent.

Here is my procedure for protecting my quad:

I like to get my machine up on a rack to allow a better reach under the fenders.
First, I power wash my quad with 2000# plus pressure and remove all mud.
Next, I let it dry. Then apply Silicone Water-Guard to everything. Fenders, racks, tires, shocks, frame, and wheels. I shoot everything down.

Next, let the magic begin. With only air contact, the polymer cross-linking begins. The new coat of armor is fully cured within 24 hours.

It will shun mud and water and the mud that does stick will hose off with ease.

It couldn’t be easier. Spray and seal your ATV with Silicone Water-Guard and carry deer on it not mud.

Turn off the quad when you treat it with Silicone Water-Guard not only to save gas but to prevent fire. SWG uses CO2 as its propellant which is not flammable but the product itself is.  The whole process takes 30 minutes. Protect your ATV.

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