Tenting for Turkeys

Test all your fall deer hunting skills in the spring.

Tents and adventure hunting go hand-in-hand, so why not use one for spring turkeys?  I was fortunate enough to join a spring turkey camp with Will Marquardt, owner of Davis Tent, a firm that specializes in the manufacture of heavy-duty outdoor tents, like the kind elk hunters dream of.  Davis canvas tents are handmade and provide the ultra-mobile hunting camp-No trailer hitch or license tag required.

Live Where You Hunt

Each spring a group of hunting industry folks meet in South Dakota for a turkey hunt.  This spring we were exploring new ground and the Davis Tent guys, pitched in, pun intended, and offered to bring one of their spacious tents.  In previous years, we have rented cabins, used camping trailers, and even motel rooms.  Drive time is the downside of these accommodations and using a tent proved to put us within minutes of the hunt.  We often heard birds gobbling from camp and saw them crossing roads nearby which was the secret to my 20-pound tom.

Like Elk and Deer Camps, only Much Cheaper.

Elk and deer camps are notorious for comradery.  When a group of outdoor minded folks get together, fun-things happen and create an enjoyable experience regardless of the weather.  During our week on the Great Plains, we had rain, temperatures near freezing and winds to 50 mph, yet our canvas home served as the hunting hub where we had bacon and eggs every morning and walleye and turkey nuggets that were to die for.

Spring Scouting Expedition

Most deer places have wild turkeys and a spring season.  Whether it’s Florida, Texas, Colorado, or the Great Planes, the same public lands that hold trophy deer also have huntable populations of wild turkeys.  As mentioned, this was new territory for our group, and I found some great deer locations with blazed trees four inches in diameter and scrapes the size of the kitchen table.  When I return this fall, I’ll be heading for these newly found hot spots with great anticipation.

Wild West Gobblers

Western big game hunting is expensive while turkey hunting west of the Mississippi is a relative bargain.  Many western ranches allow turkey hunters access or charge a modest trespass fee.  The mountain West has huge expanses of National Forests, BLM, and National Grasslands that are open to hunting and many have established campgrounds with restroom facilities that make tent camping more accommodating.  Contact your chosen state’s wildlife biologists and ask about abundant turkey populations.  They can advise you on location and licensing information.

People and a Product with a Purpose

Will Marquardt took a mature tom with his Mathews bow on the second day of the hunt.  I found his hunting skills and knowledge about tents to be superior.  Unlike most modern companies that go to great lengths NOT to talk to customers, Davis Tent welcomes your questions. When you call Davis Tent, you will talk to someone who not only uses their canvas tent regularly, but also has at one point or another made and sewn every piece that goes into a tent just like yours. Your Davis tent will have the name of the person who sewed it, your tent will come with its own handwritten measurements specific to your tent, inspected several times by multiple people, and every floor, fly, and pole/frame set will be specifically made for your order. Now that’s customer service. Here’s their number.  Give them a call or click here for their website.

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