2024 Traditional Classic- Join the Baltimore Bowmen

This 4-day traditional shoot grows in popularity each year.

2024 Traditional Classic

May, 16th — 19th  2024

Gunpowder Falls State Park, Glen Arm, Maryland


This family-friendly four-day shoot has 3 dynamic ranges with woods, streams, and hills as terrain, which allows for creative and realistic target placements. This event continues to attract traditional archers and their families from as far away as Europe.

No Compounds or Crossbows Allowed

With all the hype about speedy compounds and sizzling-speed crossbows, it’s understandable that traditional archers feel a bit neglected.  We don’t discriminate at Bowhunting.Net, but we are glad to salute those who shoot as archers did long ago.  Although this is a shoot, it is not a competition, and each archer gets to test his/her limits and perhaps shoot their best score or just have a blast shooting at a wide variety of targets.  Participants often dress in vintage attire and there are plenty of gear-swaps to be found.  Participants can attend one day or the entire event.  Registration details can be found below.

Registration Details

The Baltimore Bowmen is an archery club nestled in the Gunpowder Falls State Park system in Glen Arm, Maryland. The park’s terrain of woods, meadows, streams, and hills allows for a wide variety of 3D and target courses.  For complete details, click HERE  

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