Axis Arrows: Here’s the Skinny on Penetration

The easiest way to increase penetration is to reduce the diamiter of your arrow shaft.

Since their introduction in 2004, AXIS arrows have emerged as one of the best all-around arrows for bowhunters looking for the most reliable results in taking down big game. Although Axis utilizes made-in-USA carbon for increased durability and speed, most hunting camp talk centers on their ability to out-penetrate regular arrows.

Why It Works

The AXIS micro profile reduces friction both in flight and through the animal.  That increases downrange speed and penetration going through the target.  “It penetrates deeper as the shaft passes through with less friction behind the broadhead channel,” said Gary Cornum, Marketing Director for Easton.  “Million of successful hunts testify to the awesome effectiveness of a simple concept that equates to more downed big game- it’s like magnum ammunition for your bow,” Cornum said.  The small diameter also means that AXIS arrows fly much better in crosswinds than regular carbon arrows.  AXIS comes in spine sizes ranging from 600 to 260 to fit any bowhunter and is also available in AXIS Traditional, entry-level AXIS Sport, and New 4mm AXIS Long Range versions.

A Crossbow Analogy

Most crossbow manufacturers recommend arrows in the six-to-seven millimeter range, requiring this stoutness to manage arrow spine to withstand today’s hyper launch speeds.  Barnett is the exception.  They offer their Hyperflite arrows in .204 diameter, which is 5.19 millimeters, more slender than most arrows, yet not as trim as the AXIS 4mm shaft.  In preparation for an Idaho elk hunt, I chose the Barnett set-up precisely because I wanted maximum penetration on a large animal at a longer range.  Penetration tests on foam targets showed that the reduced arrow diameter greatly increased penetration.  The plan came together when I fully penetrated a 6X6 bull, shown above, at 50 yards.

Penetration Pays Off

AXIS arrows are NOT designed for crossbows, and I used the 204-diameter arrows only as a comparison.  If reducing the arrow diameter to 5.19mm increases penetration, think what 4mm will do.  Complete penetration on big game animals is ideal because it increases blood loss and greatly aids tracking.  An arrow through the lungs becomes lethal in seconds, which results in shorter blood trails and greatly increased recovery.  Should your arrow miss the mark, penetration becomes double important so that you can analyze the arrow to make wait-time decisions.

Compare for Yourself

The best way to decide whether AXIS is right for you is to test an arrow at your local pro shop.  Shoot an arrow with your current set-up and then ask to shoot the 4mm shaft in your proper spine.  AXIS is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its launch, and you will quickly see why it has become a dominant hunting arrow over the past two decades.  To see Easton’s complete line of small-diameter hunting arrows, click HERE.

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