Bad News for Elk Hunters

Colorado, the state with the most elk is changing the rules.

Many archers realize their elk hunting dream with an over-the-counter tag in Colorado.  Colorado has over twice as many elk as any other state and millions of acres of public land. Herd populations have increased in recent years, yet many locals complain about the number of hunters they encounter.  The state wildlife agency has voted to suspend over-the-counter sales and will institute a draw system for 2025.

Idaho as an Option

Idaho sells licenses over the counter on a first-come-first-serve basis, and before the Pandemic, it was an option for archers. Like Colorado, once you had a tag, you could hunt public land without a guide, and the state has some very remote places to explore.  I took the above elk on a DIY hunt using a Dodge Charger to get into the mountains.  However, since the big lockdown, where so many Americans learned how much fun bowhunting can be, “first come” means applying with thousands of others for limited tags.  I haven’t drawn since 2000 and probably never will because the odds are so low.  Idaho now sells out every non-resident license the first day they are available.

Here’s the Full Story

The Outdoor Life website reported the full story of the Colorado decision.  For the gritty details, click HERE


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