Hunting Season- Read to Get Ready

The Hometown Hunters book series motivates and teaches children ages 8-14 about hunting. Engage your youngster this summer.

School is out, and summer break can be a great time to learn about hunting. If you have a lad or lass between eight and fourteen, introduce them to the outdoors through the Hometown Hunters book series.  Lane Walker does a masterful job of winding suspense, excitement, and the amazement of hunting for the first time through the eyes of a youngster.  Two books on my desk seem perfect for sharing with a prospective hunter or reading in a shared session.

The Lost Deer Camp

Author Walker does a masterful job of introducing hunting concepts through everyday life scenarios.  He begins this book with a suspenseful hunting situation that leads to a mystery a reader can’t resist.  The main character is an eighth-grade student in Detroit who suffers dramatically from a divorce.  The separation of his mother and father is more than he can handle, and he plots an attention-getting revenge against the football team of his new school in Detroit’s inner city.  How can a story lead from downtown Detroit to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with an incredible life lesson? That’s the majesty of Walker’s work, which is very well done.

Legend of the Ghost Buck

Every hunter dreams of taking a giant buck. This young man caught a glimpse of the “Ghost Buck,” with antlers so large it seemed to be an illusion. Only giant tracks on the edge of a dirt road confirmed it was real. In typical Lane Walker fashion, the young bowhunter faces many of today’s challenges, like a father whose job consumes all of his time, an angry neighbor who wants the deer for himself, and media publicity once the deer has been sighted and verified.


The Hometown Hunters Series

Lane Walker is an award-winning author, former 5th-grade teacher, and elementary school principal, a background that gives him great insight into the world of young people. His series has a 5-star rating on Amazon, making books easy to order in paperback or digital format. You will find them compelling and thought-provoking, with numerous anecdotes that grow hunter-effectiveness.  Check out the Hometown Hunters series by clicking HERE.

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