“Old Reliable”

Sometimes, simpler is much, much better.

Crossbow Revolution Magazine just published “Old Reliable,” a story about my love affair with Excalibur crossbows.  Ten years ago, I took a crossbow safari on which I used a basic Excalibur bow, light arrows, and a heavy broadhead, all part of the Excalibur program.  I downed five animals with five arrows and had one of the most successful hunts of my life.

Basic Has Merit

For those learning to shoot a crossbow, especially youngsters, beginning with a basic recurve bow that’s easy to cock, aim and shoot makes much sense.  As you can see by the smile of my youngest grandson in the upper right-hand picture, his first shot with the crossbow at age 8 was a bulls-eye, and he was instantly confident.  When it became time to take a deer a few years later, he made a perfect shot, and the big doe went just 60 yards.


Worry-Free, Maintenance Free

“Old Reliable” comes with “no worries” built in.  I’ve had mine for six years and never relaxed the limbs or changed a string.  When I fly to a hunt, I unbolt the limb assembly and pack the two pieces in my suitcase with my hunting clothes.  On both domestic and international flights, I’ve never had a question about this practice, and I feel more confident that my suitcase won’t be targeted by thieves like a bow case might be.

Add a Red Dot to Start

Before the African crossbow safari, I hunted with a representative from Aimpoint, a leader in red dot scopes.  She spoke glowingly about the sight’s performance and offered to loan three to me for the trip.  Two friends topped their crossbows with red dot sights, and we took 15 animals with 15 arrows.  Since most shots were under 25 yards and some as close as 10, the setup was “point and shoot.” I took this South Dakota 8-point at 10 yards, and the red dot made the shot precise.

Crossbow Revolution

Look for this magazine at your local newsstand and check out the full details for yourself. I’m not legally allowed to reproduce the contents, but you can get the full details.  Basic is beautiful. For the Excalibur website, click HERE

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