Haydell's Game Calls
By Robert Hoague
Jan 15, 2007 - 8:04:00 PM

TF-07 Turkey Flute $29.95

Tired of using the same ‘ol calls and want a different sound? This call is like nothing else on the market. This call uses reeds that won’t wear out or change on you and has a baffle that you control the volume. Once mastered there is no sound you cannot produce in the turkey vocabulary. It even gobbles! “Think outside the box!”

MD-07 Mini Pup Distress $16.95

Open reed predator calls seem to be the rage now a days but some take a while to learn to master. This one blows easy and is sure to produce any sound you want from distress cries, howls, Ki Yi’s. We have even thrown in a mouse squeaker on the side for a truly versatile call.

KY-07 Yippi Ki Yea $19.95

The Ki Yi vocalizations of a coyote are a killer sound on call shy dogs even after you have shot the first guest that shows up. Rod uses this sound on almost every stand before going to another. This call is easy to produce these sounds.

PM-07 Pink Mallard Call $22.95

Want the real story. My daughter felt we were leaving out the girls so here you go … a double reed call like the legendary DR-85 in pink. I am sure to take some flack on this one- Thanks Robin!

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