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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

AMS new Fish Hawk Bow Fishing Bow
By Jeff Braun
Feb 24, 2006, 08:00

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AMS Bowfishing

The new Fish Hawk bow by AMS Bowfishing, combines minimal let-off with the perfect draw weight for trophy-sized bowfishing, creating a bow that shoots like a traditional bow with the punch of a compound.  The custom-engineered ‘Whiplash’ Cam allows for snap-shooting by enabling maximum arrow speed at minimum draw lengths.  And with no set draw stop, virtually anyone can shoot the same bow for years of Action-Packed Bowfishing Excitement!

This bow is great for anyone who wants to bowfish from novice beginner to experienced   men, women and children.  If you can pull 30#, you can shoot this bow.

The Fish Hawk is a great shooting bow that retails for around $225 making it easily affordable for all budgets.  You don’t have to break your wallet on a second bow to start bowfishing or start out using your expensive, over-powered hunting bow.  The Fish Hawk was designed for bowfishing; short, light weight at an ideal draw weight making it perfect for finger shooting.

from gar

The traditional feel of the Fish Hawk allows you to ‘snap-shoot’ at close range targets, or pull back to full draw for the extra power needed for a long range shot.  This bow can handle any sized target that comes in front of it from Carp to Shark. 

to shark and anything inbetween

Available as bow only or as a full setup, ready to bowfish with reel and arrow rest installed. Contact your local Bowfishing Dealer today or visit us on-line at AMS Bowfishing


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