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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

By Frank Addington Jr.
Jul 31, 2006, 07:04

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Super Mom!          
    Ted Nugent would love bowhunting with my mom.  Although they've never met, the two became pals last year when Ted shared a bear camp at Danny Dyers camp in New Brunswick, Canada with my father.  Ted wasn't seeing any bear so my mother called the lodge and gave the thumbs up for them to take Ted to her stand.  He harvested a good bear there and later told Mom on the phone that this must mean they were family now...
Ted would also like mom's passion for bowhunting.  She isn't at camp for the scenery, to "get away", or enjoy a week idly in the wild.  Although she may enjoy spending time away with Pop, I know that the real reason she is in a hunting camp is to just that-- to hunt and more importantly put game on the ground.
 A little known fact is that mom was the first Addington in our family to harvest game with a bow!  It was around 1970 and she was hunting in the mountains of West Virginia with my father.  The two were walking when a doe appeared.  Pop shot at it and missed and as it went by mom she drew and released an arrow.  Afterwards my father was growling at her for "wasting an arrow" when the deer was so far away from mom (about 35 yards) and she said, "I think I hit it.."  She did.  His arrow had missed it.   That was her first bowhunting trophy!  He's had friendly family competition ever since.   
 The two have been side by side on hunting adventures all my life.  By age four I was joining them but who ever took me did not see much game.   There weren't many female bowhunters in West Virginia in the early 1970's and my mother was out there every fall, recurve in hand.  Early on I became the tracker for the family because of my eyes.  
 In 1978 my folks established Addington's Bowhunter Shop in Winfield, West Virginia.  This small shop grew and with my parents in the media all the time archery and their business grew in West Virginia.  Pop also sent me into the schools in the area with my archery show and a SAY NO message, and this was a decade and a half before archery in the schools would come about.  
  In 2002 the store was Archery Business Magazine's Dealer of the Year for the East and in 2003 was the #1 Mathews retailer in the United States.  Mom had worked in management at another company but after retiring came on board with Pop to help at the shop.  The two are well known in the area and folks love to come visit and hear stories, buy equipment and "hang out" in front of the shop's flagship fireplace.    Cathy always has coffee and a hunting tale ready!
  Mom went on her first bear hunt in the 1980's and fell in love with it.  She has taken some trophy deer in her day but her passion is bear hunting.  For over 20 years my folks have celebrated their wedding anniversary with a Canadian bear hunt in June. 

 The great thing about bowhunting with mom is that you don't have to do much tracking, ever.  Most of her game, including large bear, never travel further than 20-25 yards after the shot.  Usually it's much shorter.  I remember that in one year she harvested a Spring bear, a doe, a whitetail buck and a West Virginia bear and the total yardage traveled after the shot for all four game animals was less than 128 yards.  That's amazing, especially when the buck traveled down a ridge about 68 yards.  I know, I tracked it.  
She is a sure shot and with today's equipment she is a very efficient hunter.  She normally uses 45# and has for years.   She does have a little trouble late in the early evening and early morning seeing her pins, but today's sights have helped that problem.
Mom is cool under pressure.  She's had bear try and come up her tree stand before and doesn't flinch.  One year she tapped a bear on the nose with her bow to "shoo" it away.   She's also had bear slap her ladder before and shake the whole treestand.
Recently my folks were at Danny Dyer's New Brunswick, Canada bear camp for the annual Spring bear hunt.  This would mark their 44th wedding anniversary.  Mom saw a huge bear early in the hunt and convinced my father to hunt for it from her stand.  He shot that bear his second night at her stand. It was a trophy!  I guess maybe she felt guilty for having bagged the first deer so many years ago.  The fact is that these two are a dynamic duo.  
Cathy Addington Super Mom.

Mom waited until the second to last night of the hunt to harvest her bruin, another nice bear.   She was happy to call home and tell me the details, including the fact that the bear only went a short distance.  The excitement in her voice from bear camp is great!  She really lives to hunt!
Mom has been the glue that has held the business and our family together through the years.   She is funny, strong and I couldn't ask for a better mother. I am pretty proud of her---and she has always been behind me in every endeavor.   Folks soon find though that when roused she can handle herself well in about any situation.  Luckily most never see that side of this great woman!
My wife Amanda and I are expecting our first child soon, a boy we are naming Franklin Augustus. (AKA "Gus".)    Anyway, I remember hearing my folks talking recently about the fact that they couldn't wait to take Mr. Gus on his first trip to bear camp.  Some things never change.     
And for that, I'm thankful.  I'm also thankful for such a great mother!  


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