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Evaluations : Jason Balazs
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Field Evaluation - Diamond 'Edge'
By Jason Balazs
Feb 6, 2007, 15:25

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As a child, there were limited options for me as to what I would be shooting.  Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (As my kids say), there was only one type of bow.  If you have read my reviews from the past you will know that I had an old Fred Bear recurve that I toted everywhere with me.  I shot a recurve into my adulthood, until I bought my first compound in 1992. 

Every time that I shoot a bow in my backyard archery range, my kids are right there with me. I feel that it is important to ensure that they are every part of the outdoors as my wife and I are.  All of my children have bows.  Most of them are shooting little recurves or even the ball shooting type bow, but they are out there copying everything dad does.  Just like every kid in the world, they want something that looks and shoots like dads or in my family's case, moms.  

Rich Walton told me that I would be receiving a youth bow from Diamond for evaluation and immediately I told my oldest daughter, Sierra.  Every single day she was standing outside waiting for the delivery guy to drop that bow off.  In two days the bow arrived and she brought it to me with a pair of scissors to open it.  Now note there was no excitement on her part there. 

I opened it and to my surprise there was everything you needed to shoot the bow, minus the arrows and release.  The Edge came from the factory with a Cobra 3-pin fiber optic sight, TruGlo 2 prong rest, bow sling, 2-piece Diamond quiver, and a peep sight with tubing. 

 For a youth or novice bow, the Edge surpasses all I've looked at.  Most of your beginner bows on the market are made from poured Magnesium, which is heavy especially for a youth shooter.  The Edge is molded from 6061 aluminum. That in combination with the carbon limbs only weighs 3.3 lbs.  The brace height on this bow 6 " and the bow is 32 1/2 " axle to axle.  The shorter bow with a large brace height ensures that it will be forgiving with a small frame shooter.  To tell you the truth, this bow is manufactured with as much quality as the Diamond Liberty.

The Edge is a dual cam bow. Now here is the awesome thing on this. This bow is just not a bow that you buy and your child outgrows it within a year or so. The Edge has an adjustable draw length of 18 to 28".  This way the bow can grow with your child.  There is no need for a bow press to change the draw length on it either, which will save you money and time from running to a local pro-shop to get it adjusted.

The Edge, clamped up and ready to test

Before we started shooting I did what I always do before a bow test, I secured the bow in my R.S. Bow vise and attached the Easy Eye Laser center tool.  I checked the nock with my bow square and made a few adjustments. Then, I attached the rest and worked on getting it center and aligned properly. I can't tell you how much time it saves me having the levels from R.S. and the laser center from Easy Eye.  I don't know what I did without these pieces of equipment before.

Using the Easy Eye Center Gauge

The Edge bow that I received had a maximum draw weight of 29 lbs. I set the bow to 20 lbs and adjusted the draw length to around 23 for my daughter. This was a little long, so I brought it down a half inch. Once again, I did not have to put it in the press, just break out my Allen wrenches and change it.  Now I set this bow up with my wife's, Jodi, arrows. She is shooting Carbon Express 250 Maixima Hunters, with 100-grain field points and cut to 25 inches.  The total weight of this arrow is 344 grains.  There was just one thing that Jodi said, "Don't mess up my arrows, they are pretty." You see we have her arrows decked out with Easy Eye arrow wraps and purple and green feathers from Gateway.

My daughter and I went to the range in the back yard and I took a couple of shots. To my surprise, there was very little recoil and the bow fit well in my hand. The arrow flew straight and true with dart like speed. My daughter was pulling at my side saying, "Come on dad, I am supposed to be the one shooting the bow." With that being said, she grabbed the arrows from the Cube target and came back to the firing line. 

Young Sierra enjoying her Edge.

This is unlike any bow that she has shot, so I started her at 10 yards. At first, she had to get the bow drawn back.  After a little coaching of helping her draw, she was able to find the cycle for her.  She shot about 10 arrows and looked at me with that look we have all seen.

You know the type. When one of us hunters gets a new bow and shoots it and says, "This thing is awesome." Yeah, that is the one. She was so amazed at how fast this little bow was compared to the one she has.  To tell you the truth, so was I. I broke out my Chronograph from Competition Electronics and set it up. I shot a total of 10 arrows and the average of all the shots was 155 Fps.  Well over the speed of anything that she had shot before.

While my daughter was shooting the bow, I noticed little noise from the release.  I am sure that if it had a shock absorber type stabilizer, there would be zero.  There was nearly zero hand shock also, but I believe that once again a stabilizer would reduce it to zero.

Author shoots through Chronograph

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and performance of the Edge. The craftsmanship and attention to detail of the way this bow was made is awesome.  The folks at Bowtech have taken the extra step to ensure that even the youth or novice shooter is experiencing the quality that most of high tech hunters have out there.  This just goes to show you that Bowtech is serious about Diamond being on the same playing field as Bowtech bows. I know for a fact, that my kids will experience a lifetime of shooting fun with the Edge.  

Category - Rating - Comments (Youth bow rating)

  • Grip - 10 - very natural with insulated shock absorbing rubber on both sides and small enough for youth's hands.
  • Maneuverability - 9.8 -32.5" Not too large for that youth shooter!
  • Speed - 9.0 -Fastest youth bow I have seen
  • Quality/Workmanship -9.5 - Great construction and quality just like the upper line of Diamond
  • Shock/Vibration - 9 - Even shooting without a stabilizer there was little jump
  • Noise Level - 9.5 - Not much at all
  • Draw - 9.7 - Easy draw with a solid wall, important for youth shooters to develop proper shooting styles
  • Over all impression - 9.9 - Highly recommended for your shooting buddy!
  • Adjustability- 10- This bow grows with your child and will last until they are ready for an adult model.
Total Score - 86.4 - Out of possible 90

The Edge Specs:

  • Axle-To-Axle - 32 1/2 "
  • IBO Speed- 272-280 fps
  • Brace Height - 6 "
  • Mass Weight - 3.3
  • Draw lengths - 18" - 28"
  • Draw Weights - 29, 40, 50
Here is a video of my son on his first "Bear" hunt. This will show you the passion and determination that my children have for the great sport of archery.

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