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Evaluations : Jason Balazs
Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Field Evaluation - Spot Hogg Real Deal Sight
By Jason Balazs
Oct 21, 2006, 05:00

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    What do you think of this statement? "The Bow Sight is the most important part of your bow."  Some folks who are instinctive shooters would disagree, but for those who are not, the statement is true.    For precise shooting, I use a Sight and I am glad that I was sent a Spot-Hogg Real Deal to evaluate because I used it for my Elk hunt! Turned out to be a good, smart move on my part. Not only did I get to hunt with what turned out to be a fantastic product, but it gave me a great opportunity to evaluate it under rugged hunting conditions.


    The Real Deal is machined entirely out of 6061 aircraft aluminum, which makes it light, yet very durable.  For windage and elevation adjustments, the Real Deal has two micro-adjustable knobs. These knobs have set screws that once tightened, do not move. There are 5 self-adjustable, fiber optic pins surrounded by an circular aluminum Pin Guard accented with a highly visible white ring. This guard not only allows you to line up the Sight in your Peep Sight to maintain proper sight alignment, but also protects your Sight Pins.   The pin size that came with my Sight is .029 and shows up even in the darkest hunting condition.


    Set-up was just like any other Bow Sight. First I set my twenty-yard pin, then after that, there was no need to touch the main elevation or windage screws again. Each of the other pins has micro-adjusters as well that allow you to move them closer or farther apart. With My Bowtech Tribute shooting 297 FPS it turned out that my first pin was good out to 30 yards. After that, I set the other pins accordingly.  I was also able to attach my Bow Quiver to the holes that are drilled and tapped on the Sight for that purpose.

Both Jodi and I used the Real Deal Sights for our Elk hunt this year and to do this evaluation.  We carried our bows through brush, over logs and just about every mountain in the area.  On average, we walked about 7 to 10 miles a day and not once, did the Sights get knocked out alignment or a fiber optic pin break.  I can attest that some of the other brand Bow sSghts we have owned have not fared as well. And on this particular hunt our three other hunting partners did not have the same luck with their Sights that we did.  They were all shooting another brand of Sight and all three had fiber optic pins break, not only once, but three times.  It pays to have rugged equipment, especially during rugged hunts and the Real Deal certainly fits that description.

The Breakdown

Durability- 10 out of 10- Held up in the most extreme conditions.

Price- 9.5 out of 10 - You ever heard you get what you pay for? Well worth the $146.00 suggested retail price.

Ease of set-up-9 out of 10 - The Sight was easy to install and set-up. It takes a little bit to understand the micro-adjust on the pins themselves but if you can read you can set these up fairly easy. The Sights came with Instructions that explained it step by step. Of course you do have to actually read the instructions, which I know some of us guys shy away from.


    I was very impressed with the quality and brightness of the Real Deal. Sighting in and aiming is enhanced by the easy to see Fiber Optic Pins. Jodi and I were both thankful to have these sights on our bows.  I have used just about every Sight there is on the market and I can tell you; this one not only has my thumbs up, but it will remain on my bow for a long time!

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