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Code Red - Bear Bow Tale
By Dan Brothers
Oct 16, 2006, 05:24

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The autumn light was fading away and the evening of bowhunting with my new Bear Code Bow was coming to an end.... when suddenly twigs snapped and leaves rustled from the 8 pointer's shuffling footsteps. As he passed on my right.... I drew my Code and aimed behind the shoulder and bleated him to halt....which he did. Moments later he made his speedy 60 yard last dash, before collapsing to the forest floor.  The best part of taking this nice whitetail buck was not just the successful hunt... but accomplishing it with my new setup....  Bear's Code Bow.

Dan Brothers with his "easy" Bear Code Bow and an early season buck that wasn't watching for bowhunters. With South Carolina's liberal bag limits Dan often takes over 15 whitetails a season and helps keep needy families fed.

When I get a new bow I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I can't wait to set it up and start flinging arrows. I've been shooting bows since I was 5 years old.... my Mother had to string my little recurve bow for me..... and now.... 50 years later.... she's still stringing my bows.... NOT.... just kidding there... but I am still head over heals in love with the bowhunting sport.

It just makes me feel good to have a bow in my hands.

I've shot a lot of bows over the many years.... shooting the tournament circuit as well as bowhunting around the country. I even teamed with Wade Nolan, Bob Kirschner and Gary /Beaton for 5 years filming the video series; Quest Production Group. My point is.... I've shot some good bows and some real dogs.... and the four letter word that best describes this Code Bow is.... Easy.... it's easy to hold on target.... and it's easy to shoot.

The Bear engineers designed a perfect shooting machine with an ample brace height of 7.3 for accurate and forgiving shooting in a hunting situation matched with ample speed. After shooting this bow only 3 times.... I could feel the ease of each shot. It was that easy feeling that allowed me to be able to quickly set the sight pins with accuracy... and with each shot; my confidence grew leaps and bounds. It was this new found confidence that made me realize that the buck was in trouble walking inside of my shooting range. Its speed was well as its quietness....but nothing spoke louder to me than its easy shooting and confident shot placement.... and those things are more valuable to me than money. There is big difference between shooting dots and a shooting a buck. If your bow can offer confidence, you'll use up those tags.

This will make for a great bow for attaching my digital video camera on my camera mount that attaches itself to the stabilizer hole.... for getting successful hunts on camera.  I also hear that Bear is coming out with a new bow this fall called the Truth.... it sounds like a cutting edge shooting machine..... I can't wait to put my video camera mount on it. If anyone is interested in setting up their Bear Code bow with the video camera system.... simply contact me and I'll help you get set up.  Stay in touch this fall for up to date highlights on video hunting with Bear Compound Bows.

Ps.... I changed the name of my Code bow.... I call it..... Code Red... well... that's what the whitetails call it.

Note: Dan Brothers is a South Carolina bowhunter that has been featured in over 40 videos and DVD's.

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