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Bogner's New Africa IV Available
By Rich Walton
Jun 24, 2006, 17:18

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Bogner is BACK!     AFRICA IV
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Gary Bogner is back In Africa For New Thrills And Spills, Hunting Some Of The Most Wary And Elusive Antelope On The Continent!

After a 4 year layover to preside over SCI, Gary Bogner has returned to the continent that captured his heart 11 years ago. For his fourth African adventure Gary has journeyed to the Arid Northern Cape Province of South Africa in search of the regions indigenous species, like the Springbok and Gemsbok.

Armed with a new bow, improved arrows and that legendary Bogner attitude, Gary pits his wits against some of the most wary of African plains game. You are along for the adventure as Gary takes two of the rarest trophies taken throughout Africa, the exclusive Southern Roan and Exceptional Bontebok. Gary then demonstrates the patience required by all bowhunters waiting for the right animal, then the right moment to take a superb "Blue Bull" Cape Eland, the largest of the African Antelope. Gary does not have it all his own way though and a twilight shot on a Mountain Reedbuck leads to a few worrying moments trying to locate the trophy ram while South Africa's National animal, the Springbok, test Gary's nerves and the Black Wildebeest gives Gary one of the toughest hunts of his life.

If you live to hunt or Africa has ever held your interest, this is one Bowhunting adventure you will not want to miss. This movie is proof that Africa offers everyone who hunts an adventure of a lifetime!


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