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Sportsmen's Back Brace For Back Pain
By Rich Walton
Jun 2, 2006, 12:43

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Everyone knows the name BowFit. Dave Coleís invention has helped numerous archers stay in shape for archery by working the muscles required for pulling and holding a bow. Now BowFit has introduced another great product to help archers shoot and hunt longer by providing extra support to the back to relieve or prevent common back pain.


Outdoor people do more than the norm when it comes to physical behavior. We are an active group spending hours sitting in a tree stand, driving long hauls to our favorite destination or wrestling heavy equipment into and out of our vehicles and into remote areas that are sometimes difficult to reach.  Bending, twisting and prolonged sitting are the leading causes of back injury so it is not surprising that 8 out of 10 sportsman experience some degree of back pain. The Sportsmanís Back Brace provides the active outdoorsman added comfort and injury prevention by promoting healthy posture and extra support to the spine making it the perfect accessory for the hunter, camper, fisherman, hiker, off-roader and general outdoor enthusiast.

An added bonus to the Sportsmanís Back Brace are the built-in body warmers that keep you toasty warm on cold days.  Removable lumbar support and adjustable elastic wraps provide additional comfort.  Other features include no-slip rubber stitching, D loops for hanging accessory items and every package come complete with healthy tips and exercises to keep your back strong.  The Sportsmanís Back Brace will lessen the chances of back injury and make those long hours afield more enjoyable!

For more information check us out at
www.bowfit.comor call toll free at  888-757-5541.

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