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BowTech's New Tomkat - sleek and mean
By Bear Marketing Group
Apr 21, 2006, 00:05

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Superior Smoothness, Power and Accuracy are Trademarks of This Advanced, American-Made Bow from BowTech Archery.

 Cats are notoriously effective predators — they’re stealthy, nimble and  equipped with a full complement of deadly weapons. What’s more, when they get something in their sights, they rarely miss. The new Tomkat Bow from leading innovator BowTech gives serious big game bowhunters these same “feline” qualities of effortless grace and lethal power. 

BowTech’s exclusive, patent-pending Binary Cam System provides all the
performance of a true two-cam system with 100-percent equalization of force. 
With both cams “slaved” to each other, BowTech’s Binary Cam System can never
go out of synchronization.  This innovation greatly reduces noise and shock while delivering superior accuracy, power and efficiency.  BowTech does all this so
when you find yourself at that moment of truth — with the trophy of a lifetime in
your sights — you’ll be as confident and as cool as a cat.

 BowTech offers the Tomkat with a choice of two performance modules, allowing archers to customize the bow’s characteristics to best suit each situation. One module is designed for an ultra-smooth draw, perfect for long practice sessions or long 3D tournaments. The high-performance speed module delivers increased arrow speed and power for serious hunting — which makes owning the Tomkat like having two bows in one.

 The new Tomkat measures 31-3/4” axle to axle, with an 8-5/8” brace height and a mass weight of 3.8 pounds. It’s offered with draw length modules in half-inch increments from 27” to 31” and peak draw weights of 50, 60, or 70 pounds. Let-off is adjustable from 65- to 80-percent. The IBO speed rating with
the ultra-smooth module installed is 299-307 fps; with the speed module the Tomkat is IBO rated at 307-315 fps. All that speed
means nothing if you miss, of course, so the Tomkat features a large sight window that increases field of view and incorporates an upwardly curved arrow shelf that’s ideal for a fall-away rest.

The Tomkat comes standard in Mossy Oak® Obsession camouflage for effective stalking of prey.  It can also be ordered in Realtree Hardwoods® HD, Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, Mossy Oak Brush or Bill Jordan’s Advantage MAX-4 HD to accommodate a wide variety of hunting styles and locations.  Plus, the Tomkat comes with a complete accessory package including the BowTech Quiver and Hush Kit, a Peep Sight, Wrist Sling, Montana Black Gold 3-Pin Sight and Whisker Biscuit Quick Load Rest.

 To learn more about BowTech’s new Tomkat Bow or the company’s full line of high-performance bows featuring the Binary Cam System go to: BowTech.
Contact BowTech at 90554 Highway 99 North, Eugene, OR 97402 • (541) 284-4711. Or visit the company’s website at


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