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BowTech's Binary Revolution
By Rich Walton
Feb 28, 2006, 06:00

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The innovators at BowTech® aren’t the type of hunters to leave well enough alone — especially when well enough isn’t. So they developed the revolutionary Binary Cam System, an advanced technology designed to overcome the inherent, accuracy compromising limitations of traditional single, hybrid and dual-cam systems.

All of these systems share an important limitation — the inability to equalize imbalances within the shooting system. Since each of these eccentric systems ultimately anchor to the bow’s limbs — rather than to each other — even the slightest imbalances in the limbs or string lengths will change the effective geometry and performance of the cam system. This translates to poor nock travel, and non-synchronization of limbs, which results in loss of overall efficiency and can lead to poor arrow flight — all of which can cost hunters dearly when that “shot of a lifetime” presents itself.

In contrast, BowTech’s Binary Cam System provides all the performance features of true two-cam system with
100-percent equalization of force. Since both cams are “slaved” to each other, a BowTech’s Binary Cam System can never go out of synchronization. This greatly improves accuracy and delivers unparalleled power and efficiency.

New Tribute featuring innovative Binary Cam design

Another great advantage of BowTech’s Binary Cam System is the option to choose either of two different sets of modules (or purchase both) based on preferred shooting characteristics. The smooth module provides an ultra smooth-as-silk draw force curve and added forgiveness — ideal for extended target practice and 3D tournaments. When you’re on the hunt and you feel the need for some serious speed, simply swap to the speed modules (no bow press necessary). This exclusive feature is like having two bows in one and both module options are available in half-inch increments.

BowTech manufactures a full line of advanced bows featuring the company’s exclusive Binary Cam System for superior balance, efficiency, power and accuracy. In only a few short years, BowTech has become a leading choice of avid bowhunters and archery enthusiasts nationwide.  Founded in 1999, BowTech’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon. Today, BowTech divisions include WaterDog Surface Technologies formed in February 2004 and Diamond Archery acquired in September 2004.

To learn more about BowTech’s advanced line of bows featuring the Binary Cam System, as well as the complete line of BowTech products for bowhunting and target archery, visit us at: BowTech



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