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BowTech Tribute Redefines The Compound Bow
By Rich Walton
Mar 17, 2006, 06:47

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 Portion of Proceeds from Every Sale Pay a Real Tribute to Our Troops Through T.A.P.S.

BowTech’s® new Tribute Bow gives serious bowhunters a combination of stability, smoothness and versatile performance that defies conventional wisdom and defines the future of compound bow technology. (Web Site:

The Tribute’s unique combination of a long riser and beyond parallel limbs helps deliver stability never before possible in a shorter axle-to-axle bow. BowTech engineers used “outside the box” thinking to develop a bow that increases stored energy while significantly reducing limb tip travel. As a result, vibration is virtually eliminated while comfort and accuracy are greatly improved.

BowTech’s patent-pending Binary Cam System is at the heart of the Tribute’s performance and versatility. The Binary Cam System provides all the performance of a true two-cam system with 100-percent equalization of force. With both cams “slaved” to each other, a Binary Cam bow can never go out of synchronization, resulting in maximum performance and efficiency in every shot.

The BowTech Tribute is available with an option of two distinctly different sets of draw length modules, allowing archers to customize the shooting characteristics to best suit the situation or shooting style. Enthusiasts can select one module for ultra-smooth draw — perfect for long practice sessions or long 3D tournaments — or use the high-performance speed module for hunting. This is literally like owning two bows in one, and is only available with the new Tribute or other bows featuring
BowTech’s revolutionary Binary Cam System.

 The Tribute measures 31-1/2” axle to axle, with a 7-1/2” brace height and a mass weight of 4.1 pounds. It is available with draw length modules in half-inch increments from 26” to 30” and peak draw weights of 50, 60, 70 and 80 pounds. Hunters can also special order the Tribute with peak draw weights of 90 or 100 pounds. Users can also adjust let-off from 65- to 80-percent, and achieve IBO speed ratings of 320 to 328 feet-per-second. All BowTech models feature Mossy Oak® Obsession as the standard finish. Special order finishes include:

  • Mossy Oak Brush®
  • RealTree Hardwoods®
  • HD, RealTree Hardwoods®
  • Green HD and Advantage Max-4.

There’s one more thing the Tribute gives hunters that no other bow can — the great feeling that comes from helping the deserving families of our armed forces. BowTech will contribute a portion of the proceeds from each Tribute sale to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). Each year, this non-profit Veteran Service Organization offers comfort, support and assistance to hundreds of American families who face the tragedy of losing a loved one in the armed forces.

To learn more about BowTech’s advanced line of bows featuring the Binary Cam System, as well as the complete line of BowTech products for bowhunting and target archery, visit:


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