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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Buck Magic - Solid Lure for Big Bucks
By Mark Perry
Sep 28, 2006, 09:22

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 Many hunters are discovering BUCK MAGIC, the first 100% fresh Doe Urine product in a moist/solidified form introduced.  It is also highly concentrated, and has been awarded an U.S.A. PATENT for its unique qualities.  BUCK MAGIC is a strong concentration of doe-urine and provides the hunter with a viable method to put scent into the air. (For more on BUCK MAGIC )

Introduced by Mark Perry, Owner of Buck Magic, "The Patented texture and compilation of urine, along with the large, flat surface allows a larger volume of  to the scent to enter the surrounding air via the Buck Magic Scent-tray that. This exposure is unrealistic to duplicate with regular bottled urine or scent-systems as a hunter would have to pour nearly one gallon of urine on the ground to give off the powerful deer-attracting scent that BUCK MAGIC does. 

Another feature that hunters will find attractive is BUCK MAGIC is resuable for up to three months making it not only affective but also economic. 

Perry continued, "Hunters are sick and tired of spending 5 to 20 dollars or more on tiny bottles of urine!    While regular urine is absorbed into the ground, rendering its scent dispersing capabilities all but diminished, BUCK MAGIC is kept clean and clear from the ground.  The high lip on the tray keeps debris out, and aids in 'lifting' the scent via the wind.  The attracting element is in a 100% isolated form, making it possible to exert the most extreme scent deliverance.  It has constant and direct contact with the air, which makes it infinitely more potent; thus unquestionably more productive to the hunter!

Additionally, BUCK MAGIC is simply closed with it's air tight lid and removed when leaving the area. This is crucial, since we all know what it’s like to come back to where we’ve put scent before, only to see giant tracks standing over it!  And you can bet THAT BUCK WILL NOT COME BACK!  You’ve been BUSTED!  No wasted product, or drops of smelly urine on your hands, equipment, or clothing.  BUCK MAGIC comes and goes with you, giving it the same unpredictable entrance and exit as that of a living doe."

Perry goes on to say, "When you use BUCK MAGIC, just make sure to put it where you have a clear shot.  BUCK MAGIC will attract bucks that are normally nocturnal, right into your hunting area!  Bucks are less leery to approach BUCK MAGIC’s Single Scent Source, unlike what we see in the field when using “drops” of bottled urine placed around a hunting area.  Mature bucks can zero in on BUCK MAGIC and don’t seem to have any anxiety when approaching the lure.  They don’t need to circle  down-wind, trying to figure out where the “doe” is!  It is BUCK MAGIC 's Strong, Single source of scent that is more true to life. 

For more on BUCK MAGIC


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