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CamTrakker Sets Standards
By Rich Walton
Mar 8, 2006, 06:30

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When it comes to recording wildlife intrusions or patterns in an area the name to look for since it’s inception in 1989 has always been CamTrakker. (Web Site

CamTrakker’s technological excellence has aided countless hunters, wildlife biologist, game ranches, wildlife preserves, outfitters and scientist around the world in finding, tracking and discovering varied species of wildlife.

Beginning with the 35 mm film units right up into the digital age, CamTrakker offers a wide variety of models and prices to fit every budget and need. The models begin with the popular 35 mm film based Ranger for under $200 to the extreme high quality digital units that range from the 4.1 megapixel model for $425 to the high resolution 7.2 megapixel for $850. All feature removable cameras.

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The digital units provide superior image quality for high quality prints and offer instant viewing capability in the field. CamTrakker models capture nature through its passive infrared detection system that is automatically activated by sensing heat-in-motion within a conical area in front of the camera and are ready right out of the box with a 32 MB memory installed.

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All CamTrakker models are weather resistant and will operate flawlessly in extreme heat and sub-zero environs. For increased night time captures CamTrakker offers an optional  Strobe Flash that is triggered optically from the camera’s flash, increasing night time photo distance out to 60’. Battery options allow use of either ‘C’ Cell alkaline or rechargeable lead-acid batteries for extended life. 

If you are looking for the best, highest quality Scouting/Wildlife/Surveillance Cameras the name to look for remains CamTrakker.


For information contact:  CamTrakker.


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