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Video Review: Traditional Harvest IV
By Art Champoux
Jul 5, 2006, 18:19

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Art Champoux
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This video is now available at:  Traditional Harvest IV

Traditional Harvest IV was produced by Fred Eichler and sponsored by Muzzy, Easton and Double Bull Archer.  In this DVD Fred Eichler and Mark Land from the Muzzy Corporation and some of their friends take some impressive animals with longbows and recurves. Fred Eichler's expertise with traditional, instinctive shooting is quite impressive.  In this installment you will see him harvest turkey, deer, a trio of bear (black, brown and Polar) all with traditional equipment.

Traditional bowhunting at it's best.

The first hunt on this DVD was a great one with Fred and Mark and one to remember (especially for me). Fred makes a terrific shot on an Eastern turkey and Mark follows up with a great shot of his own with the camera, kinda. As Fred goes to retrieve his bird, Mark, camera in one hand, bow in the other somehow finds himself neatly wrapped up in a barbed wire fence. Professionals to the end, keeping their eyes on the real prize, someone grabs the camera from Mark and continues filming as Fred searches for his Muzzified bird, leaving Mark laughing like one possessed securely wrapped in wire. As this attests, hunting isn't always about stalking and shooting.  Sometimes we really have fun!

Fred found his Eastern after making a memorable shot with his Palmer recurve, shaving sharp Muzzy Phantom broadhead and uncanny instinctive shooting. And they eventually got Mark untangled too.
There are 17 hunts on this video and all are worth the price of admission alone. Here are some of my favorites.  On a Kansas gobbler hunt, Fred Shooting his Palmer, crawls up on a bird and at 28 yards shoots from his knees for a perfect hit. Dan Sturgis with an impressive long shot with a Black Widow bow lays claim to a nice turkey. Mark, not to be out done lays out a spectacular long shot on a Merriam as it is going away. These are just a few of the many great shots Fred, Mark and others make in this exciting, well made video.

Some may wonder where Fred gets his expertise with traditional archery gear. Well, Fred Eichler worked for Bear under Frank Scott in the Pro Shop and museum in Fla. I don't know if any bowhunter can have a better role model, teacher and mentor then that!   

The highlight of this video, I think, was the great shot of a polar bear in the desolate, frozen wastelands of Alaska.  Fred used a 57 lb Palmer   recurve and Muzzy Phantom Broadhead for this massive Polar Bear in -35 degree weather, 35 mile an hour winds and blowing snow, 150 miles from the mainland! Incredibly filmed as a visual heat stopper.

As Fred explained,  "The weather was brutally cold, the wind was howling and the conditions terrible."  The dogs chasing the bear, the adverse conditions, all while being weighed down with the necessary, ultra heavy clothing all helped push the odds against Fred but like his mentor before him, luck and skill prevailed and it's all on this DVD for you to see.

Another part of this video I enjoyed is the bloopers for the end. Of course, anyone who loves the sport of Bowhunting will laugh along. We have all lived them and that makes each one more special.
I am glad I have added this one to my collection and I think you will also be glad to do so. Whether you shoot a compound, shoot traditional or have never hunted, you will enjoy this video.   

An add on to this DVD is a preview of some new hunting clothes you might have not had a chance to see before. Max 1 camo is a blend of some green weeds and open light brown background with a tint of grey.  It is made by Realtree and helped Fred and the other hunters get close to deer while hunting from the ground or from Double Bull blinds. There is even one segment where they are crawling on hands and knees on a dirt road to take a shot at a nice buck....Stealth and great camo got Fred in range to make a great shot on a nice deer.

If you want to watch well shot, non stop hunting, learn some great hunting techniques result in quality game taken and laugh at some great bloopers, this is one DVD you will want to add to your collection.  

Ratings:    1 is poor 5 is great.........
Quality of DVD.   5,   
Action scenes 5,
Informative   5,   
Excitement   4,     
Presentation   5,        
Humour   4,   (Mark Land certainly did his best).

This video is now available at:  Traditional Harvest IV


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